I simply adore these two! I always say that a great story is made from the details, well this wedding had a lot of stories to tell… From the awesome looking suit that was found in a shop window in London during one of their many travels, to the old elegant hair piece found at a local flea market and restored to a new shine. I was simply drawn to Barbara & Ivan, and their stories since our first meeting. They told me about their three month travel all over Africa on which they decided to get married as soon as they come back home. Their idea to have food spices they bought all over the world as small thank you gifts for their guests, especially the curry – my favourite. Even when Barbara asked for a photo session after the wedding, her idea was to go to a small mountain close by in her wedding dress. From that sentence alone I was like – You got my attention!

Venue: Heart by Lido

Decorations: Floristokracija