Let me introduce myself…

…after 7 years working in the wedding photography industry, the decision was made to create my own brand and pursuit my personal vision. My photography journey started with action sports back when I was in high school, but I quickly found myself  in wedding photography, capturing intimate and emotional moments. Weddings can be unpredictable and fast, full of little moments that come once and perish forever. Those moments create the perfect frame, perfect memory. They create a reason to put a nail in a wall to hang that moment and have a warm feeling every time you enter the room.

For me, that is what photography is all about. To create an irreplaceable memory.

While I’m not photographing newlyweds, I’m probably spending time in nature, riding long curvy roads on my road bike, climbing at my local gym, hiking towards a snowy mountain summit, drinking beers with my friends or just chilling on the porch listening to the sounds of rain. My life dream is to own a small cabin somewhere remote with a dedicated spot filed with books about other photographers work that I can read while drinking tea and eating curry.

– Stephan Bednaic


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Feel free to break the ice and say hi. You can tell me your life story, how you met or/and what makes you happy. Describe your wedding details, venue, plans and expectations. Adventures are better when shared.